Sheboygan Asylum 2022 -Sept - Nov

By Fox Valley Ghost Hunters (other events)

55 Dates Through Nov 27, 2022

Welcome back for another year of tours with the Fox Valley Ghost Hunters. Tickets for the asylum sold out last year in 3 weeks for the dates listed. This year won’t be any different. Be sure you know what date that you want before paying as there are no refunds. You would have to sell your tickets and then buy new ones for the new date you want. There are pricing and rules to follow in the next sections.There is no guarantee of seeing a ghost or ghostly activity. The ghost are not on the payroll and we cant make them perform for guests. No location can promise something like that.

Pricing is $70.00 a person for your choice of time slot, either 7pm to 10 pm or 11pm to 2 am. There are no discounts for bulk orders. Please be aware if you are buying tickets in large quantities to sell for a higher price, you will not be doing it on our pages. Rules for the Asylum are as follows. No Drinking or Drugs are allowed on the property at any time. There is zero tolerance, and you will be removed from the property with no refund. There are no refunds unless we cancel the event. You can sell them on our Sheboygan page on Facebook if a situation arises. This year you will have to scan your driver’s license at the door to gain access to the tour. If you are under age your legal guardian will scan theirs. Age is 14 and up, all minors must be with their guardian. We will also not tolerate loud disturbances or mocking of our investigator’s rules. You have to stay with your group when we investigate, but will be allowed to wander when the hosts let you in certain areas. Following all rules given is key to everyone having a good time. If you want to investigate in a small group with friends or a team you can email us with the email at the bottom of the page for pricing for private investigations. No video is allowed but pictures are allowed in certain sections. Please bring a flashlight but no headlamps. 

Arrive 20 min early so we can check you in.Each tour is 3 hours with a break in between. Any complaints from other tour guests will be addressed accordingly. There is a porta potty outside. Please do not bring protection crystals and sage, or put salt around your car. We want everyone to have an experience, and when you protect yourself, you or your group may not have anything happen. Simply don't ruin it for everyone else and be respectful. Keep in mind that this is a ghost tour/investigation and we will be investigating at points throughout the tour. We look forward to another amazing year at the Sheboygan Asylum and hope to see you on a tour. Please email [email protected] with any questions.