Haunted Investigations at Glenbeulah School

By Fox Valley Ghost Hunters (other events)

31 Dates Through Nov 06, 2022

Come join us at our school in Glenbeulah Wisconsin and look for paramormal within its walls. A school that was built in 1916 with a history of strange happenings while there were teachers and staff at the school. We also have a store in the school with Sage, Tapestries, Tarot Cards, T- Shirts, Jewelery and more. 

Investigate 3 floors with us as we search for who haunts the school. Past occurances included footsteps running up the stairs which we have heard since we bought it. There are reports of pictures falling off walls even after they were hung securely multiple times. Shadows have been seen, Lights turn on after we have turned them off. Things in our store have been moved around and are in a different place the next day. We captured a voice saying that they were in 6th grade.

Your chance to investigate with us with only 13 guests will make it more personal than other locations with 30 plus people. Cost is 45.00 a person for three hours which includes one hour of free roam if you choose. Choice of two time slots either 7pm to 10 pm or 11pm to 2 am and some dates with 9pm to midnight. Like always no drugs or alcohol. If you come intoxicated or high you will be removed from the property with no refund. Ages 14 and up but all minors must be with legal guardian and must sign a waiver to gain access. Please bring flashlights or you can buy one of ours for 3.00. Please dont bring stuff to protect yourselves like crystals or rocks or sage. We do sell these products and more at our store.

 We look forward to meeting everyone. There is a bathroom and electric. Any questions email us at [email protected] or text 920-428-1108