Shawano House and Barn Ghost tours

By Fox Valley Ghost Hunters (other events)

4 Dates Through Sep 26, 2021

Investigate with the Fox Valley Ghost Hunters on this 20 acre turn of the century lot with house and barn with living quarters that has a wine cellar and horse stables. Check out the main house which has an entity that had caused a some issues with the former residents. We have investigated here before and it's  haunted with footsteps and shadows and disembodied voices and strange happenings. There is a portal on the property near the pond that lets things come and go from other dimensions. We have had to mediums confirm this as being there. We do not know how it was opened. Stange things and balls of light seen with the human eye have been seen around the wood line. Some have reported UFO activity in this area at night. Join us for your choice of two time slots either 8pm to 1030 pm or 1130 pm to 2 am and 40.00 a person. As always no Alchohol or Drugs or under the influence or like our other events we will remove you from the property. There are no refunds so only way is to sell your tickets if you cant go. Ages 12 and up but all minors must be with legal guardian. This is limited to two groups of 20 guests so only 10 per location on the property and then hour and 15 min in we switch to other location on property to investigate. You can bring your own equipment and you can video tape here unlike our other location in Sheboygan. You will need flashlights. All other messages or questions please text or call 920-428-1108 Please note this is not an abandoned property and has 24 hour closed circuit security system.